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Polish up those Shiny Ideas with Professional Writing & Editing Services.
Expert Editing

Don’t let your documents go out the door without expert editing!

Editing for ESL

Years of expertise helping people with English as a Second Language(ESL) convey their shiny ideas!

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Your professional presentations and publications deserve the best writing!

Website and Content Writing

Focused, researched content writing for publication and for the web!

About Shiny Ideas

Write. Edit. Repair.
Phyl Good

So why Shiny Ideas? Because I love words and love to pursue them, gathering and arranging them like the bright jewels they are.

Hi! My name is Phyl Good, and I'm an experienced editor and writer, lover of cats and living with several thousand books. In that order--but just barely.

I have edited several novels and nonfiction books, countless academic papers, abstracts, and doctoral dissertations, and numerous business reports, documents, and presentations. My nonfiction projects have dealt with everything from the oil industry to the insurance and winemaking industries and beyond. As well as achieving my editing and writing certifications, I have two humanities degrees that encouraged studies of the thought and religion of other cultures and studies of other world views, so I am uniquely positioned to work with ESL projects as well as those of native English speakers.

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    50% of Shiny Ideas' business comes from referrals or clients who come back again and again!

  • Friendly & Responsive

    Shiny Ideas clients overwhelmingly call us friendly and responsive to their needs.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Dedicated to 100% Customer Satisfaction.

  • ESL Editing

    A full 25% of our clients are people whose first language is not English.


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