* Manuscript evaluation – for completeness, saleability, and readiness for editing.
* Manuscript editing – to finalize your work for publication.


* You do the research — I help you express it clearly!
(Includes ESL)
* My experience in insurance & energy benefits your business documents!


* Focused, researched writing for your publications and the web!

Making Your Bright Ideas Shine!

You need your ideas and information to be clear and bright for your readers. That’s where I can help!

I honor your story, research, or business, retaining your unique voice, so your readers will hear what you have to say, crystal clear!

Let’s work together on your novel — your dissertation — your business report, white paper, or blog post. Contact me now, and we’ll get going on your project.

Here’s what my clients say…

I consider her my secret weapon…I rely on Phyl to make my work stand out in a competitive marketplace.

Tim Vandergrift, wine & beer expert

Tim Vandergrift Consulting and Communications

If you need someone who can put a fine polish on your book, Phyl is your editor!

Lily Reynard

Historical romance novelist

Phyl provided an in-depth plot and character appraisal that truly helped flesh out my work.

Annaliese Plowright

Paranormal and Young Adult novelist

Let’s talk about your project!

Writing and Editing Tips

Read my blog for writing tips, editing information, and other fun with words!

SfEP Toronto Mini-Conference Just a Month Away!

A one-day editing mini-conference packed with wonderful info. Can you say giddy? I can’t wait!

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A chain

ESL Writing. Transition Words – Or Not

ESL writers! Are you worried about transition words? There are other ways to move between ideas in your writing. Find out what they are!

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ESL Academic Writing. Academic Words That Can Never Be Plural

ESL writers—congratulations for learning English as a second language! This is a very hard language for non-native speakers to learn, so after all your hard work and progress—well done! But[…]

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