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Do Visitors Feel We’re Creating Website Traps for Them?

The last thing anyone will do is seek our services if they come to our sites and feel like they’ve walked into those odious website traps.

Too Much Automated Posting on Social Media?

Does automated posting substitute for a human touch, in putting your blog posts onto social media?

Stephen Fry steps on some toes about Language

A penetrating discourse on language by Stephen Fry, visually and brilliantly brought to life by Matthew Rogers.

The Apostrophe: A Little Thing to Cause Such Chaos

Don’t let your writing — or your readers — suffer any longer. Download “That Darned Apostrophe!” now, and never get confused between “Its” and “It’s” again!

First Impressions of Google+ – What About Business?

Once Google+ business accounts are set up and all Google’s services are woven in, we’ll see if they work well together, or are as haphazard as Facebook.

First Impressions of Google+ – What it Does

With each update or post you make, you can choose which Circle(s) it will publish to. This is pretty powerful.

First Impressions of Google+ – Look and Feel

Google appears to have watched all these comings and goings, learned what not to do from Facebook’s experiments, and gone on to create a networking site that is less haphazard.

You’ll Pry the Oxford Comma From my Cold, Dead Hands

When I was a kid in grade 7, I worked this out for myself. I decided that I would use a comma after every item prior to the last one, to make it absolutely clear which items were individual entities.