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Editing and Writing


If introverts feel they are being “sold at,” or that someone is being pushy, you have lost the sale. I guarantee it.

Use Writing Tools for the Best Workmanship

Good grammar, spelling, and proper punctuation make sure that when someone else reads what you write, they’ll actually understand it.

Don’t Date Yourself Unless You’re a Blogger

This would have been great information, if I was sure it was actually current. But there was no date to be found.

Are you Important Enough for the Library of Congress?

Which will researchers actually be looking for — tweets from space, or your tweet about the new shoes you bought or a book you really liked?

The Power of Language, and misinformation about Galileo

When you write something, you’d better get it right the first time. Because if you make an error and someone picks it up and runs with it, that error could stay with you forever.

The Power of Language, with some help from Galileo

Poll: Galileo did an experiment where he simultaneously dropped objects of different weights, and discovered that they landed on the ground at the same time. Where did this happen?

It’s “its”, not “it’s”!

There’s a really simple trick for knowing when you’re supposed to use “it’s” and when you should use “its”. It’s almost deliciously easy, in fact. So. What do you think the trick is?

A History of Grammar – or Not?

The Wall Street Journal has a great article about why and how grammar was invented, and what its history has been: Grammar’s Dirty Little Secret. It sounds quite serious at first and then…you keep reading. And start noticing something. For example: [J]ust think back to all the school children who got their knuckles rapped for…
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