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Editing and Writing

First Impressions of Google+ – What it Does

With each update or post you make, you can choose which Circle(s) it will publish to. This is pretty powerful.

First Impressions of Google+ – Look and Feel

Google appears to have watched all these comings and goings, learned what not to do from Facebook’s experiments, and gone on to create a networking site that is less haphazard.

You’ll Pry the Oxford Comma From my Cold, Dead Hands

When I was a kid in grade 7, I worked this out for myself. I decided that I would use a comma after every item prior to the last one, to make it absolutely clear which items were individual entities.


If introverts feel they are being “sold at,” or that someone is being pushy, you have lost the sale. I guarantee it.

Use Writing Tools for the Best Workmanship

Good grammar, spelling, and proper punctuation make sure that when someone else reads what you write, they’ll actually understand it.

Don’t Date Yourself Unless You’re a Blogger

This would have been great information, if I was sure it was actually current. But there was no date to be found.

Are you Important Enough for the Library of Congress?

Which will researchers actually be looking for — tweets from space, or your tweet about the new shoes you bought or a book you really liked?

The Power of Language, and misinformation about Galileo

When you write something, you’d better get it right the first time. Because if you make an error and someone picks it up and runs with it, that error could stay with you forever.