Writing & Editing Tips

Editing and Writing

Why You Need an Editor

If you want your information to get out there and really engage people, a good editor should not be your last resort — but your first!

Twitter Chats for Writers

You’d be surprised at the resources you can find in those little 140-character tweets. Resources that might, in fact, help both your writing and your future career.

Do Plural’s Need Apostrophe’s? NO.

How do you take one item and indicate that you now have more than one? In other words, how do you make it plural? You add an “s.” Simplest thing in the world.

Querying bits and pieces

Nothing will substitute for having a completed book that is the best work it can possibly be. But if you present it to someone before it’s in good shape, nobody is going to read it.

Those Wild and Wonderful Fonts

If people are spending their time trying to discover what letters are contained in the midst of all those swirls and angles in your text, you can be sure they’re not actually getting your message.

Skip the Backstory and Dive In

You don’t actually have to explain everything immediately. Sometimes you don’t have to explain at all.

Preserving the Printing Arts

Many of these are “niche” books that simply wouldn’t work as ebooks. Nor would they have a wide enough market to justify the larger publishing houses printing them on paper. Yet they are valuable volumes.

Writing a Sentence: Everyone’s an Actor

A two-word sentence like “I quit” contains the seeds of almost every other complete sentence in the English language.