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My name is Phyl Good, and I’m going to perfect your writing

So why Shiny Ideas? As I said, I love words and love to pursue them, gathering and arranging them like the bright jewels they are.

Hi! My name is Phyl Good, and I’m an experienced editor and writer, lover of cats and living with several thousand books. In that order–but just barely.

I have edited several novels, several nonfiction books, countless academic papers, abstracts, and doctoral dissertations, and many business reports and documents. My nonfiction projects have dealt with everything from the oil industry to the insurance and winemaking industries and beyond. As well as achieving my editing and writing certifications, I have two humanities degrees that encouraged studies of the thought and religion of other cultures and studies of other world views, so I am uniquely positioned to work with ESL projects as well as those of native English speakers.

How does all this help me help you? I am an excellent writer and as an editor, I’m a stickler for good spelling and grammar. I relate to people very well. And I’m a well-rounded thinker, so I grasp your needs and their larger implications quickly. Therefore…

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Don’t Let your Documents go out the Door without Expert Editing

Whether you need an entire website edited or an academic textbook, or you’ve written a short story or a long manuscript, or you need help with your business reports or educational materials–or even if you need your PowerPoint presentation proofread–I will provide you with the experience and expertise to create well-written, grammatically sound documents. I’m a certified editor and am a past member of Editors Canada.

If your first language is not English, you have come to the right place. I have worked with a great many people to help bring their text in line with proper, understandable English. My studies of Russian, German, French, and classical Hebrew in university have sharpened my grammatical skills and increased my ability to recognize and produce sound writing.

Your Web Pages, Business Materials, and Other Documents May Need Expert Writing

While my main business is editing, I occasionally take on writing projects as well. Past projects have varied widely, from corporate to charity to SEO marketing companies. Here is just a small sample of the range of the types of writing I have tackled:

  • business reports and other corporate materials
  • articles on hobbies for the 50+ age group
  • articles on socializing feral cats
  • weekly articles on the business side of the anime industry
  • weekly articles on business and cultural topics for marketing firms
  • weekly articles on kidney disease and treatment
  • promotional blurbs for an herbal marketing website
  • website material for a medical equipment home care supply company
  • promotional product emails for marketing firms
  • promotional “Advertorials” for marketing firms

I also write articles and reviews (books, festivals, lectures, and other cultural events) on a cultural blog, Confessions of a Cultural Idiot, as well as articles and observations on Bookishgal, a book-related blog.


CONTACT ME TODAY for a free quote on your writing project!

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CONTACT ME TODAY for a free quote on the editing of your book, thesis, or business documents.