Writing & Editing Tips

Editing and Writing

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Dragging Action in Fiction. Don’t be Passive!

Passive verbs can slow things down, so use active verbs whenever it’s possible and fits well into the story.

Dragging Action in Fiction. “To Be” Verbs – or Maybe Not

We’ll look at things that can slow down your story when you write fiction, and we’ll try to help you produce more lively writing.

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Tips if You HAVE to Edit Your Own Work

If you absolutely must edit your own document, take steps to avoid pitfalls and produce acceptable work.

Edit Your Own Writing: Yes or No?

It’s that new gaze, unfamiliar with the material, that will find issues and help you put the final polish on

Why I Write So Well

The mechanics of writing are like the frame of your house. Make them solid and secure, and then get creative.

Writing Your Case Study

If you can write the case study so a potential customer feels like you’ve just pulled up a chair and chatted about a story, it will be very effective.

Clearing up Confusions in Word Usage

Using words incorrectly can make a reader think we really don’t know what we’re talking about, even if we’re trying to convey valuable information.

Case Studies, White Papers, and Testimonials

A case study is much more likely to be a genuine “customer testimonial.”