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ESL Writing. Transition Words – Or Not

ESL writers! Are you worried about transition words? There are other ways to move between ideas in your writing. Find out what they are!

ESL Academic Writing. Academic Words That Can Never Be Plural

ESL writers—congratulations for learning English as a second language! This is a very hard language for non-native speakers to learn, so after all your hard work and progress—well done! But you’ve still probably noticed that even when you understand basic English grammar, most rules seem to have exceptions, so the language just keeps being difficult.…
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Dragging Action in Fiction. “Verbing” a Noun

Make these small changes to your action sentences and be surprised how vivid they become!

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Dragging Action in Fiction. Don’t be Passive!

Passive verbs can slow things down, so use active verbs whenever it’s possible and fits well into the story.

Dragging Action in Fiction. “To Be” Verbs – or Maybe Not

We’ll look at things that can slow down your story when you write fiction, and we’ll try to help you produce more lively writing.

Why I Write So Well

The mechanics of writing are like the frame of your house. Make them solid and secure, and then get creative.

I’m an Apostrophe Geek. Again.

Banning apostrophes? Why should readers have to guess what the writer meant?

What Impression Do Your Spelling Mistakes Make?

If you think spelling has become less important and people have just “gotten used” spelling mistakes — think again.