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Editing and Writing

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SfEP Toronto Editing Mini-conference Nov. 5 & 6 — CAN’T WAIT

A great conference is more than a learning experience; it also lets you meet new friends, share ideas, and learn from everyone else.

SfEP Toronto Mini-Conference Just a Month Away!

A one-day editing mini-conference packed with wonderful info. Can you say giddy? I can’t wait!

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Tips if You HAVE to Edit Your Own Work

If you absolutely must edit your own document, take steps to avoid pitfalls and produce acceptable work.

Edit Your Own Writing: Yes or No?

It’s that new gaze, unfamiliar with the material, that will find issues and help you put the final polish on

Does Editing Inhibit a Writer’s “Art”?

Does editing inhibit a writer’s “art”? The short answer is: no.

Chicago Manual passing the torch

I’ll continue using my 15th Edition for a while yet, until I can manage to buy a copy of the 16th. It’s exciting to see the new, most up-to-date version coming out, but my faithful orange book has a lot of mileage in her yet.

Why You Need an Editor

If you want your information to get out there and really engage people, a good editor should not be your last resort — but your first!