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It’s “its”, not “it’s”!

There’s a really simple trick for knowing when you’re supposed to use “it’s” and when you should use “its”. It’s almost deliciously easy, in fact. So. What do you think the trick is?

Lists of Commonly Misspelled English Words

After years of not remembering, the only way I could finally remind myself how to spell “occasionally” was to make up a personal mnemonic: “The external consonants are doubled, the internal ones are not.”

The Oatmeal Clarifies Misspelled Words

…and, you know, kind of does my job for me! 🙂 But this is a great summary of a lot of words people constantly misspell or use in the wrong places. (Notice that I said “a lot”? This page is very firm, and very correct, when it says ‘Alot” is not a word.) Whether you…
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