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Editing and Writing

Creating Bibliographies through Game-Learned Skills

A game! Teaching bibliography creation. How cool is that??

So You’re Going to Write a Novel

Oh no you’re not! Not if you have said even one of the things the aspiring novelist says in this brilliant video by David Kazzie, on his blog, The Corner.

Feedback, feedback, and more feedback

Get all the feedback you can, and it will help you become a better writer, and produce better books.

Twitter Chats for Writers

You’d be surprised at the resources you can find in those little 140-character tweets. Resources that might, in fact, help both your writing and your future career.

Querying bits and pieces

Nothing will substitute for having a completed book that is the best work it can possibly be. But if you present it to someone before it’s in good shape, nobody is going to read it.

How your Book Proposal really gets Treated

When the intern finds something she or he likes, they are going to sing its praises to the agent, who will then probably read it with a less jaundiced eye.

Watching a Book Proposal in Progress

If you buy no other books to help you submit something to an agent or publisher, get this one.