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Editing and Writing

Writing Your Case Study

If you can write the case study so a potential customer feels like you’ve just pulled up a chair and chatted about a story, it will be very effective.

Case Studies, White Papers, and Testimonials

A case study is much more likely to be a genuine “customer testimonial.”

How Do We Use a White Paper Once We’ve Got One?

Think of a white paper as the foundation document for a multitude of other creative materials and projects..

Spicing Up Your White Paper

Remember how people in meetings react to a speaker who drones on and on, reciting facts in a monotone.

Structuring a White Paper

The criteria a white paper conforms to are much closer to academic standards than to marketing standards.

What Type of White Paper Works Best?

If you’re going to create a white paper, it needs to provide the best information available.

What is a White Paper and Why do I Need One?

The primary purpose of a white paper should be to think of the needs of a potential customer

Do Visitors Feel We’re Creating Website Traps for Them?

The last thing anyone will do is seek our services if they come to our sites and feel like they’ve walked into those odious website traps.