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Too Much Automated Posting on Social Media?

Does automated posting substitute for a human touch, in putting your blog posts onto social media?

First Impressions of Google+ – What About Business?

Once Google+ business accounts are set up and all Google’s services are woven in, we’ll see if they work well together, or are as haphazard as Facebook.

First Impressions of Google+ – What it Does

With each update or post you make, you can choose which Circle(s) it will publish to. This is pretty powerful.

First Impressions of Google+ – Look and Feel

Google appears to have watched all these comings and goings, learned what not to do from Facebook’s experiments, and gone on to create a networking site that is less haphazard.


If introverts feel they are being “sold at,” or that someone is being pushy, you have lost the sale. I guarantee it.

Don’t Date Yourself Unless You’re a Blogger

This would have been great information, if I was sure it was actually current. But there was no date to be found.

On Keyword-Stuffing, Real Information, and Other Matters

A Billion Websites, and No Information! Have you had the same frustrating experience as me? You go looking for real information by using Google or some other search engine, and all you can find is short “articles” that are very thin on anything but superficial information, but which proliferate at the top of the search…
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Social Media Roolz!

A great many freelance gurus list social media as the number one method of advertising and self-promotion for writers, editors, graphic designers, and other freelance professionals.