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Comfy high-backed wingback chair

Guide to NaNoWriMo: Location and Chair

Ready for another installment of my NaNoWriMo guide? Today’s chat is about where you write and the chair you sit in. These are what I call “first-level” comforts. You’re probably thinking, “The room and the chair? Really??” If this is your first NaNo, you might not have thought of your personal comfort as you were making your…
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Guide to NaNoWriMo: Word Count and Community

Time to prepare for NaNoWriMo, so you can plunge right in and get writing!

Stephen Fry steps on some toes about Language

A penetrating discourse on language by Stephen Fry, visually and brilliantly brought to life by Matthew Rogers.

A History of Grammar – or Not?

The Wall Street Journal has a great article about why and how grammar was invented, and what its history has been: Grammar’s Dirty Little Secret. It sounds quite serious at first and then…you keep reading. And start noticing something. For example: [J]ust think back to all the school children who got their knuckles rapped for…
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Commas and Apostrophes. ‘Nuff said.

Kind of speaks for itself… see more Failbook

Creating Bibliographies through Game-Learned Skills

A game! Teaching bibliography creation. How cool is that??

Doing NaNoWriMo this year? Here are some tips.

Got no free time whatsoever in November? Then why not cram even more into the month, and write a 50,000 word novel before November 30th?