Creating Bibliographies through Game-Learned Skills

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Creating Bibliographies through Game-Learned Skills

University of Michigan Library Card CatalogWell, here’s a new idea. I’ve recently been working on a project, writing word definitions for a game on a teachers’ spelling website. And wouldn’t you know, there’s now a game that takes scholarship way beyond that. It’s called Bibliobouts, and it’s all about helping students learn to search out good sources for a great bibliography.

The game was developed by a research team at the University of Michigan. But I discovered that it was built on an existing platform called Zotero, which helps people “collect, organize, cite, and share” their sources. It’s a program that puts an icon right into your browser address line, which lets you save information in the browser window. For those of us who like to cut/paste online news articles into files for future reference, or who have about 5000 bookmarks in our browser favorites, this sort of thing could be a godsend.

The Chronicle of Higher Education has more information about the new Bibliobouts game and how it was developed.

The only thing that would make me uneasy about this game is that it rewards you if you happened to find a good source, but still doesn’t seem to instruct you in how to find that source in the first place. At least, not according to the information in the article. I imagine students are still strongly recommended to learn that information from their school librarian. Otherwise, they could still find themselves in a “hit and miss” situation, simply stumbling on reliable sources by accident.

But still — a game! Teaching bibliography creation. How cool is that??

(HT to my friend Maia, for sending the original link to me.)