Don’t Date Yourself Unless You’re a Blogger

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Don’t Date Yourself Unless You’re a Blogger

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Computer 1.0?

It happened to me again today: I went looking for some information and came upon a blog talking about the “latest” something-or-other. This would have been great information, if only I could be sure the info was actually current. But there was no date to be found, anywhere on the post, no matter where I looked.

If you make blog posts this way, it’s more than annoying. This practice leaves your information and data out there, hanging in empty space, with very little context. It may be true that the things you say are timeless, and will be just as applicable fifteen years from now as they are today. But your readers don’t know that. What they see when they read such posts is something they can’t be sure of.

I’ve found “how to” posts and articles that still explain how to use version 2.3 of programs that have since evolved to version 5.1. And frequently, the writer never specifies the version. So a reader might get halfway through the instructions, only to find that they don’t work any more.

When you write your blog posts, it’s really okay to date yourself. Let your readers know where they stand, so they aren’t left wondering whether you’re posting from this morning — or from 2003.