Old Navy sure knows the importance of the apostrophe – now.

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Old Navy sure knows the importance of the apostrophe – now.

Old Navy t-shirt with grammar mistake

Old Navy t-shirt with grammar mistake

Is the correct use of the apostrophe important? Do people really care these days? I asked a similar question in my earlier post this week.

Well, Old Navy has sure learned the hard way that people still notice — and it still matters. In sending out new t-shirts in time for college football, they printed, Lets Go!! at the top of each shirt. Instead of the grammatically correct and properly punctuated Let’s Go!!

Remember — these shirts are for college football teams. College, as in institutes of higher learning and education. Where people supposedly have learned how to use and write the English language properly.

Does the apostrophe matter? Ask all those schools who have been sent t-shirts with this mistake on them. And ask everyone who noticed it immediately, and were horrified about it. And most of all, ask Old Navy, with grammatical egg on its face.

(Want to learn to use the apostrophe properly? Don’t forget to download my ebook, That Darned Apostrophe! and get the rules straight. They are simpler than you think, and learning them will make a big difference to your writing.)


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  1. I’m thinking someone’s head rolled on that gaff! Hopefully not the art guy — they are notoriously bad spellers and should never be the last line of proofreading. 🙂

    • Phyl says:

      No kidding! And really, they’re supposed to produce what they’re given, and for all they knew, there was a reason for writing the phrase that way. They can’t read minds. I think I might have queried it, but of course I would — I’m a grammar/spelling/punctuation geek. They shouldn’t have to be.

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