Editing and Writing

Information I Need to Collect from You, and Why

Contact information such as your name, email address, and possibly your mailing address if we need it for the purposes of doing business together. I do not need any other special location-based information.

Note that your name and email address provided to me through my website’s contact form or through the email address you initially use to contact me will be assumed to be freely given for the specific purpose of discussing our potential business together.

I will keep your contact information (unless you request that I delete it) only in case we work together again in the future, but it will be stored safely and will never be disclosed to anyone else.

Project information will be required if we contract to work together on your project. This could include such information as the nature, length, and subject matter of the project, whether you need editing or writing, and other project-related information.

Cookies and Third Parties

Certain anonymized data about you (e.g., your general location or how many pages on the website you visited) are collected by Automattic, designer of WordPress websites, through their use of cookies on your computer, or by Google Analytics.

Any statistics compiled in these ways allow website owners to understand how well certain parts of the website are performing and what might need improvement. We site owners only see that data in statistical form (e.g., to know that a certain blog post had 350 visits one week), and you are never personally identified.

Note that these cookies never allow me to access your computer or collect information about you.

I strongly advise that you set your browser to delete all cookies each time you close it. You can control the use of cookies in various ways; has provided a guide that will show you how to tweak your browser for this purpose.

What Will be Done with Your Data

All personal information volunteered throughout the course of our discussions or work together will be kept entirely confidential. Any financial information that may be exchanged will be kept confidential and will be deleted once the financial transaction is complete. (Please do not send any financial information through the contact form on the website; if we agree to work together, any necessary information can be exchanged in due course of the contract.) Other information may be required to be retained for a certain number of years for Canadian tax purposes.

Any other parties who may assist me in conducting business or providing you with editorial services will be required to follow the same privacy and confidentiality policy.

None of your information will ever be given or sold to a third party unless you provide explicit written permission. The only exception would be where release of the information is required by law or is required protect my or others’ property, rights, or safety.

Copies of any work we do together, whether edited or written, will be deleted upon delivery of the final files back to you. If requested, I can retain the files for a specified period in case we need to revisit them, but they will not be retained permanently.

Any promotion or marketing using your information (e.g. a testimonial on my website) will only be done with your explicit written permission.