SfEP Toronto Mini-Conference Just a Month Away!

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SfEP Toronto Mini-Conference Just a Month Away!


The Toronto, Ontario, Canada area is in for a real treat on November 7th—a one-day editing mini-conference simply packed with wonderful information in the editing world, shared by equally wonderful editors from three different countries. It’s being put on by the Toronto branch of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP), and I am positively humming with excitement as the day approaches!

If there is one thing professional editors constantly do—aside from working with writers to edit and polish their work—it’s learn. Every editor I know engages in ongoing professional development, learning new techniques or new programs, keeping up with the latest trends in word usage and spelling, and learning from the experiences, wisdom, and expertise of their fellow editors. (I’m taking courses at this very moment to increase my skills in evaluating manuscripts and editing fiction. Want to talk??)

All the editors presenting their wisdom at the conference are stellar; I get to meet once a month with several of them here in Toronto. But I’m looking forward to meeting other more distant editors whom I’ve only known online but have really come to admire—people like Adrienne Montgomerie, the Sci Editor, a fellow Canadian and editor of some recent science-related books I’ve really enjoyed, and Louise Harnby from the UK, whose marketing material I try to live by. (But if you’re a crime writer, go to her blog right now for some fantastic, in-depth writing help in that genre!)

Can you say giddy? I can’t wait! Have a look at the conference program. So much to learn!

If you’re an editor and you’re in the Greater Toronto Area (or can afford to make a trip here for this), there are a few spots still available, and they’re not just reserved for SfEP members! Please come and join us for a great day of learning and—I guarantee it, knowing all these people—laughing too.

Registration info can be found here: Mini-conference – Toronto 2018.