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Too Much Automated Posting on Social Media?

Does automated posting substitute for a human touch, in putting your blog posts onto social media?

First Impressions of Google+ – What About Business?

Once Google+ business accounts are set up and all Google’s services are woven in, we’ll see if they work well together, or are as haphazard as Facebook.

First Impressions of Google+ – What it Does

With each update or post you make, you can choose which Circle(s) it will publish to. This is pretty powerful.

First Impressions of Google+ – Look and Feel

Google appears to have watched all these comings and goings, learned what not to do from Facebook’s experiments, and gone on to create a networking site that is less haphazard.

Social Media Roolz!

A great many freelance gurus list social media as the number one method of advertising and self-promotion for writers, editors, graphic designers, and other freelance professionals.