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Editing and Writing

Science Writer Phil Plait Shows Why Word Choices Matter

When conveying important info, we have to use very clear language or we’d better define our terms very explicitly.

Paul Krugman Nails the Importance of the Right Words

If we get so caught up hearing ourselves use the Big, Special Words that belong to our specialty, the only people we’re talking to are ourselves.

The Power of Language, and misinformation about Galileo

When you write something, you’d better get it right the first time. Because if you make an error and someone picks it up and runs with it, that error could stay with you forever.

The Power of Language, with some help from Galileo

Poll: Galileo did an experiment where he simultaneously dropped objects of different weights, and discovered that they landed on the ground at the same time. Where did this happen?

Linguistic and Mathematical Thinking May Go Together

If language is so closely tied to the ability to think of complex things, can we expand our thinking ability by expanding our linguistic ability? I personally think we can. And I think we should, if we want to keep our civilization at a high functioning level.

Why Words Matter: “Information” versus “Content”

Are the words on your website the equivalent of shredded newspaper and cotton balls stuffed into a lumpy mattress, just to give it some body? Didn’t think so. And for that reason, I’ve decided to stop using the word “Content.”