The Apostrophe: A Little Thing to Cause Such Chaos

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The Apostrophe: A Little Thing to Cause Such Chaos

If you’re never quite sure whether you mean Your or You’re — or worst of all, if you pull your hair out over using Its or It’s (and no matter which one you choose, it always seems to be wrong and makes somebody mad) — have I got a deal for you!

It turns out that the rules for using that annoying, curly little bit of punctuation aren’t too complicated. Once you know the reasons why it’s used in certain places (e.g. You’re really means You Are, while Your means Belonging to You), it isn’t very hard to put the apostrophe in — or leave it out, when it needs to be absent.

Using this punctuation properly will do a great deal to make your writing clearer and more readable. And in the business world, where communication is king, that’s very important.

So I’ve written up a few quick rules for you, in a little e-booklet, That Darned Apostrophe! You can find it either by clicking the link in the first tab along the right margin on this website. Or you can start the process of saving or downloading it by going here. The booklet isn’t very long, but covers the following issues:

  • The Contraction Condition
  • Its or It’s
  • Making Things Plural (remember how we’ve talked about Plurals and Apostrophes before?)

If using the apostrophe is an issue that plagues your writing, That Darned Apostrophe! will make a world of difference to you. And once you’ve read the explanations for the rules, the last page summarizes them so you can use it as a quick guide whenever you’re in doubt.

Don’t let your writing — or your readers — suffer any longer. Download That Darned Apostrophe! now, and never get confused between Its and It’s again!