The Power of Language, with some help from Galileo

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The Power of Language, with some help from Galileo

Galileo-sustermans4Everyone knows how it happened: Galileo had this theory that the speed with which an object dropped to the ground did not depend on how heavy the object was. In other words, heavier objects that were dropped at the same time as lighter objects did not hit the ground sooner than they did.

But he had to test the theory, and somehow prove that gravity acted on objects the same way no matter what. So he did an experiment in which he simultaneously dropped objects of different weights, and discovered that indeed they landed on the ground at the same time.

The pertinent question for our purposes is this: where did this experiment happen? What would your answer be?

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The final answer — and why it relates to the power of language? Check back tomorrow!



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  1. Susan says:

    Hey You!

    I answered the question, but I really have no idea. when in doubt, pick “C” they always say. LOL

    • Phyl says:

      I know, I thought of that. 🙂 I debated putting the most popular answer in there at “C” but thought I wouldn’t push it. Heehee!

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