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I don’t generally think bloggers should just point to someone else’s blog post and say in essence, “What he said.” But this post on the For Sale – Baby Shoes. Never Worn. writing blog is particularly good: Eight Ways to Avoid Publication.

The title is rather clever, because very few writers are trying to avoid publication; quite the opposite, in fact. But if you make the mistakes mentioned in this article, you’ve pretty much guaranteed that you won’t be published, unless you’ve got a less than top-notch editor looking at your material. And do you really want published so badly that you’ll allow yourself to be known for putting shoddy work out there?

Using good grammar, spelling, and proper punctuation doesn’t in any way cramp your individualism. Rather, these things make sure that when someone else reads what you write, they’ll actually understand it. That’s what you’re aiming for, after all. What these things show your reader is that you do work of the highest quality, and that you won’t let a single word, story, pamphlet, or book you produce out in public unless you’ve polished it until it shines.

Go read the article. Go! 🙂