Refuting Same-Sex Marriage Myths – Table of Contents

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Table of Contents


Why the Fuss about Same-Sex Marriage?

Chapter 1:

Equal Marriage Harms the “Sanctity” of Marriage

Chapter 2:

Marriage Partners Should be Complements

Chapter 3:

Marriage is an Institution for Producing and Raising Children

Chapter 4:

Equal Marriage Will Change Society Too Drastically, or

“Time for Heterosexuals to Grow Up and Share Their Toys”

Chapter 5:

Just Use a Different Word Than “Marriage,” or

“Quack! Quack! Quack!”

Chapter 6:

Allowing Equal Marriage Means The State Condones Homosexuality

Chapter 7:

Drastic Changes in Society, Redux

Chapter 8:

The “Ick” Factor, or “How Juvenile Are We?”

Conclusion and Summary

A Few Sources and Suggestions for Further Reading

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Refuting Same-Sex Marriage Myths

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